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FRP acid mist purification tower

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The main harmful gases treated by GFRP acid mist purification tower are sulfuric acid mist (H2SO4), hydrogen chloride (HCl), hydrogen fluoride (HF), chromic acid mist (CrO3), hydrogen cyanide (HCN), ammonia (NH3), alkali vapor and other water-soluble gases, as well as the high concentration hydrogen sulfide waste gas which is not easy to be absorbed and the nitrogen oxide harmful gas which is difficult to be absorbed produced by nitric acid.

The purified waste gas of FRP acid mist purification tower conforms to the "comprehensive emission standard of air pollutants (GB16297-1996)" and has obtained the "certification of environmental protection products". It is the most ideal high concentration and high temperature acid-base waste gas purification equipment at home and abroad.

Working principle and purification sequence:

Sodium hydroxide is easy to be used as the absorption Neutralization Solution to purify the acid mist waste gas in the FRP acid mist purification tower. The gas is pressed into or inhaled into the air inlet section by the spiral fan, and then flows upward to the first filter material layer, which reacts with the neutralizing liquid ejected from the first stage nozzle. The absorbed waste gas continues to flow upward to the second filter material layer, contacts with the neutralizing liquid ejected from the second stage nozzle, and neutralization reaction occurs again. Then, it is discharged into the atmosphere by the air cap, exhaust pipe or fan through the swirl plate.

Suction hood → air inlet pipe → fan (or air inlet section) → first filter material layer of air inlet section (first stage neutralization reaction section) → second filter material layer (second stage neutralization reaction section) swirl plate → air outlet cap → exhaust pipe (or suction section fan)

Main body of bjs-10 FRP acid mist purification tower:

① composite fiberglass storage tank and filling pipe are equipped with filtrate device on the suction pipe, and the air inlet section is made of composite fiberglass.

② a row of Y-1 type nylon nozzles, Paul ring filter material and plexiglass inspection holes are used in the first and second stage liquid spraying sections.

③ the effective water retaining section is provided with a swirl plate to increase the water retaining effect

④ FRP hood.

⑤ f4-72 FRP centrifugal fan

⑥ plastic water pump and stainless steel centrifugal pump

⑦ other accessories, such as plastic pipe fitting valve, fixed support, maintenance ladder and air inlet pipe, can be customized by the user when ordering.

Welcome to order the acid mist purification tower produced by our company

Precautions for installation and use:

1. The equipment should be installed on the concrete foundation 100mm above the ground, and the water pump and fan should be used as the concrete foundation separately as required.

2. Pay attention to protection during transportation and installation, and do not damage the body and components.

3. When the equipment is delivered from the factory, the factory will transport it in sections according to the specific conditions, and the factory will send personnel to the site for installation and debugging.

4. If the equipment is installed and works outdoors, pay attention to antifreeze at the bottom pool in winter.

5. The water tank at the bottom of the equipment is marked with liquid level. Before use, it is necessary to inject absorption liquid according to the liquid level mark. Pay attention to supplement the absorption liquid during use.

6. The circulating water pump shall be turned on for 2-3 minutes before the blower is turned on. When the blower is turned off, the blower shall be turned off for 1-2 minutes before the circulating water pump is turned off.

7. The acid concentration of the liquid in the tank at the bottom of the tower and the purification degree of the gas at the outlet shall be checked regularly according to the service conditions. If it exceeds the standard, the absorption liquid in the tank at the bottom shall be replaced.

8. The equipment shall be overhauled once a year and a half to two years, and the filling condition of disc spray pipe and packing shall be checked and cleaned.




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Made in China, Shengyang FRP


Tel: 0536-4971568

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Q Q:541725060

Manager: Yin Huibin

Mobile: 13583651568

Address: No. 388, FRP Industrial Park, 2km south of Anqiu toll station, Weifang, Shandong, China